7 Months Later…

14 May

Yeah, I know. I’m really not doing so well in the author department. It doesn’t really bode well for my potential career or books sales if you never see me online. That being said…my life gets pretty crazy. I have several excuses why I don’t get much writing or constructive activities accomplished:

I have Crohn’s Disease

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I have a full time job

I have a very close-knit family, including 4 nieces and nephews, 4+ step nieces and nephews and one I no longer claim exists to me (long story I should save for a book!)

I have two demanding cats

Did I mention I have medical issues?

So yeah…that’s been my excuses. I’m great at excuses. I’d almost call it my specialty. Coming up with new ways to get out of doing stuff…that I don’t want to do. You mention a trip and I’m packed and ready before I even hear the details. But bring up the idea of sitting down and committing my thoughts to paper and a start listing of reasons why tomorrow would be better…kinda like me and dieting. (I’ve been procrastinating on that one for 28 years!)

Well, here a couple weeks ago Rosalie Stanton took me to Kansas City for the Romance Times Convention. Not only did I meet a zillion awesome people, but it really got me revved up about writing again. And I really want to this time. 

I just bought the 90-Day-Novel by Alan Watt. My goal is that it helps me bridge the gap from taking 3 years to write a novella to something closer to 3 months to write a novel. We’ll just have to wait and see what the summer brings. 

My goals are to have a novel submitted for publishing and to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year. Let’s see how this plan works out for me! Only time will tell…Wonder if I’m gonna take another 7 months to update my blog. 



Insatiable Craving, Release date June 12

14 May

Everyone should run and check out the awesomely talented Rosalie Stanton!


Insatiable Craving, Release date June 12.

Shiny new website!

12 Oct

Thanks to the wonderful Sarah Ballance for taking time out of her busy schedule to make me a beautiful banner for my new website/blog! She really is made of awesomeness!

And a HUGE thank you to Rosalie Stanton for putting this page together for me! She rocks my socks off! I am truly lucky to have such cool friends. And Rosalie is among the coolest on the planet. Seriously…she’s like cold all the time! 🙂

Now I just need to use my creative writing skills and update this more often than my last one!


Southern Comfort is out!

26 Jun

Good morning everyone! Southern Comfort released today on Phaze! Rosalie Stanton already bought a copy, so I’m doing better than I ever dreamed! I put a lot of work into this, so I really hope people go and at least check it out.

I admit, I’m dreading the first negative review. I know it’s the nature of the beast, but still. When you put so much time and energy into something, it’s hard to think that not everyone will love it as much as you.

Anyway, here is the blurb:

Kristen Meadows has faithfully served political strategist Jason Rosenberg for over four years. As his personal assistant, her duties range anywhere from coffee and doughnut runs to arranging meetings on Capitol Hill. She has been everything from his last-minute date to his drinking buddy, and while they make an effort to keep no secrets, there is one thing Kris knows she can never share with Jay.
The fact that she’s in love with him.
Jay has a problem. Not many people can balance personal lives and professional politics successfully, and his mother has taken notice. If that wasn’t bad enough, the crafty Edith Rosenberg has had an eye on a potential daughter-in-law for a number of years. Granted, Jay can’t say he’s never considered a relationship with Kris…but given the nature of the business, he knows pursuing anything would not only threaten their friendship, but potentially end his career.
Edith Rosenberg wants grandchildren before she dies, and Jay’s snail’s pace isn’t helping matters. After coercing her son and Kris to join her for a relaxing southern retreat in Natchez, Mississippi, she attempts to speed up the road to matrimony by finagling them into one room with a single bed.
Four years of tension are about to come to a head.
If that sounded like fun, please head over to Phaze and check out an excerpt from Chapter One of Southern Comfort!

Worst Blogger EVER!

29 Feb

My goodness…it’s been nearly a year since I’ve last updated my blog. How sad is that?!?

A lot has happened with my writing since I last updated. I am so excited to say that Southern Comfort has been accepted for publication by Phaze! *squee* Depending on when my editor gets it, I’m looking for my first release sometime this fall. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.

I’m beginning to work on my second novel. Is it cheating if you plagiarize yourself? I’m taking a story I wrote nearly 8 years ago and reworking it into something I would feel comfortable submitting for publication. It’s kinda fun because I never have reread it so it’s pretty surreal when I read a line and have to say, “I wrote that? Wow, I was pretty funny back then.”

So yes…I plan on using my blog a bit more in 2012. Thanks to everyone who is following me! Please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email or Goodreads.

Peace and good wishes to all.

May Day!

31 May

I must give a huge thank you to Rosalie Stanton and all the ladies over at Romancing the Muses for having me over for an interview this past Monday!  I’ve never been interviewed for a blog before, but I have to say it was a ton of fun. It you get bored, feel free to click over and check it out!

Interview with Nikki London, aspiring romance author!

It’s now the end of May and I’m sitting on my bed and trying to figure out where the past month has gone! My motivation is on holiday and it’s caused my house to start smelling funky as well as my Microsoft Word to start sending me angry documents demanding my attention.

The next month I am setting some goals for myself. I have my debut work, Southern Comfort, committed to paper, but I need to do some massive revisions and edits. By the end of June, I want to be halfway done. I’m pretty sure I can tackle that one.

Stay tuned to see if I can live up to my own expectations! 😛

Where did all the time go?

17 May

Am I the only one who is completely dumbfounded that it’s already the middle of May? This year has flown by so fast–I bought a house, took my first trip to Africa, watched one of my nieces graduate from high school and am preparing for my baby niece to enroll in kindergarten. That’s just the highlights of the past year. Of course there is all the drama left over from 2010. All of that compounds into a world of real life that makes it next to impossible to find the time to sit down and work on writing.

One of my biggest struggles is that I’ve never set aside any special time to work on my writing. I’ve always loved the worlds I create inside my head and it’s so much fun to put my fantasies on paper that I look at it as a reward more than a chore. If I have other obligations in my real life, I feel guilty when I sit down and try to work on writing. So what do I do? Nothing. I don’t want to write because I feel guilty about the other stuff I need to do in life and I don’t want to do that stuff because it sucks. I end up watching TV, playing on Facebook or taking a nap. All of that leads to a giant pile of nothing.

I’m going to start working on fixing my flaws. I think if I sit down and organize my time, I should be able to allow myself to concentrate more on my writing and actually accomplish a few of those chores I’ve been neglecting. I’ll be happier at the end of the day and each morning when I wake up.

All of that aside, have you ever came up with a title for a book and then devised a plot around it? I came up with a couple over the weekend and shared them with Rosalie Stanton. That brings my list up to 6 different plotlines that I need to put down on paper. My imagination and muse are way more productive than my fingers and my words. 🙂

Well, I better get to work! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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