Worst Blogger EVER!

29 Feb

My goodness…it’s been nearly a year since I’ve last updated my blog. How sad is that?!?

A lot has happened with my writing since I last updated. I am so excited to say that Southern Comfort has been accepted for publication by Phaze! *squee* Depending on when my editor gets it, I’m looking for my first release sometime this fall. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.

I’m beginning to work on my second novel. Is it cheating if you plagiarize yourself? I’m taking a story I wrote nearly 8 years ago and reworking it into something I would feel comfortable submitting for publication. It’s kinda fun because I never have reread it so it’s pretty surreal when I read a line and have to say, “I wrote that? Wow, I was pretty funny back then.”

So yes…I plan on using my blog a bit more in 2012. Thanks to everyone who is following me! Please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email or Goodreads.

Peace and good wishes to all.


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