About The Author

Growing up, Nikki London developed a passion for a strange marriage of genres. From paranormal romances to political thrillers, Nikki enjoys writing witty characters, fast dialogue, and letting her creations tell the story, as they typically don’t give her an option. Having thrived the last few years on a steady diet of Sorkin and Whedon’s writing styles, she now looks to exploring her own worlds, taking her degree in Politics and Government and her bible-belt upbringing to a whole new level.

Nikki lives in Missouri, working by day as an office manager and, by night, tries to balance family, friends, a crew of rowdy nieces and nephews, and two warring cats who have yet to kill each other. In her spare time, she enjoys creating characters and placing them in a variety of hilarity-ensuing situations, if only for her own amusement. With her unique wit and goofy sense of humor, Nikki hopes to tickle readers’ funny bone while giving them a memorable story in the process.


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